Friday, July 25, 2008


shoop, shoop....

nah, but really,

Random feat. Naledge - Exhale - Produced by Young B and Doug Funny
Scratches by DJ Akshun

the story:

This song transformed right before my eyes. It started out as a favor to a very good friend of mine. Doug Funny is a dope producer out of Ann Arbor, MI, who hit me up one day and asked me about us collaborating in the future. I agreed, so we started working. Doug asked me which artists I liked, and made an effort to track them down. He asked me about working with Naledge, and I was all for it, as a big fan of the Kidz in the Hall album. Now, fast forward, and they're bigger than ever, touring the world, performing at Rock the Bells, getting on Madden 09, and more…well deserved, IMO.

A few tracks in, the idea for the Mega Ran album hit me, so I had to abandon ship on Mr. Funny's collaboration plans. Anyway, the song was just 2 verses, me and Na just spittin', no real concept. I wanted to get Reef on it as well, but I think he was out of town...But when I called DF to get a mix of the beat for me to use it on The 8th Day, he didn't have it.
So, the beat had to it did, the song got smoother, and smoother....Enter DN3, who found a track that he had been sitting on forever (he always keeps stuff from me for situations like this), and he formatted it to fit the song. I liked it..but truthfully I didn't love it. I kept looking, deadlines looming...

Enter Young B, a talented cat from Australia that I met through DJ Speek Greene, DJ for Jaz-O, and NYOil's executive producer. It fit like a glove. I got DJ Akshun, my Philly homie, to lay down some scratching, and the rest is history. Funny story is that Naledge went to Penn, and I went to Penn State…it's like it was kinda destined to be...well not really. And trust, the project with Doug Funny (no title yet, I'm thinking about "Funny, in a Random Kinda Way") will happen one day.
The song is toward the end of the album, expressing the joy at hip-hop's new beginning, while stressing creativity and lyricism...ironically, it's the same sample as "Hip Hop Hooray," and that wasn't all that coincidental when you think about it.

enjoy, and gimme your thoughts.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The 8th Day. The Song.

The song that explains the entire premise of the record...

The 8th Day (produced by Samik)

The Story:

Samik is a guy that always brings good music and ideas out of me. I have plans to one day do an entire project with him, I think that'll be really awesome. Many of you might remember the story of how we created "Raze the Bar" back in 2006 (it involved me, him, some Wendy's nuggets and pouring rain), but this one was a lot different. This time, he sent me a beat that was already completed, in hopes that I'd have something for it. I sat and pondered on the beat for a long time... and eventually it became the song that would set off this entire project. No intros, no speeches, let's just get right to the music. This song is pretty self-explanatory, but in case no one listens to lyrics anymore, it's about me having a dream that fake hip-hop artists are exposed and run out of the business. It works well at the beginning, but it gets way out of hand, when the powers that be start coming after any rapper who exaggerates in any way… and eventually they come after me. Another strange concept record that I may be beginning to be known for… and that's a good thing, I suppose. I can't explain how this stuff comes to me, but it's all about a strong desire to do something different. Definitely one of my favorites.

Quick Review.

The album:

-releases on 8/8/08.
-will be released in a special edition DVD packaging for physical copies, only 88 of those will be sold.
-features LMNO, Naledge, Rashid Hadee, DN3 (The3rdOne), CJ, Storyville on the beats and rhymes
-is bangin'

thanks for appreciated.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

8th Day, Rhyme Torrents, etc

sorry I haven't been updating this place much... with so much going on these days, it's difficult. to recap, I'm:

-blogging for a videogame site
-working on a new album "The 8th Day"
-producing (my latest credit is Zealous1 ('s joint "Til We Die" which is featured on THIS free compilation from


CD 1
Kabuto the Python - RHYME TORRENTS 7 INTRO
MC RSI - Remember the Geek
MagiTek - Gold Teef (For Err Body)
Don Vito - Welcome Back to the Web (ft The Ranger, T.Y.T. & MC Gigahertz)
funky49 - Starblazer
Shinigami - It's Gone
Antisoc - Guitar Hero
Random - Inbox (Remix V3.0 ft The Ranger & Jermicide)
Desmond Fox - Lady Indie
Ham-STAR - Dump Stat
IllGill - Poser (D20 Mix)
ZeaLouS1 - Til We Die (ft RandomBeats)
Kabuto the Python - Da Ill Shit (ft Poopyhands)
2Thirteen - The Anthem (What Should Have Been ft High C, Ham-STAR & T.Y.T.)

CD 2
Id Obelus - Gangster?
Able-X - What If
Interstellar Dwellars - No Others
MAD DPS - Juggernaut
Whoremoans - Operation British
MC_Loki - Hymn of the Ahroun
D-Form - Nerdastedicz (ft Polkcounty Killa & Projekt Zero)
Reverend Badger - The Rage
nYgel - Rap Fanatic (ft The Ranger, Jesse Dangerously & Logic One)
MC COOL WHIP - Party at the Cawdor Castle
Geek Funk Records - Bumpin These Geeksta Rhymes (ft T.Y.T., MC_Loki & Mfk)
Teh_Rhymerer - Girl Named Nerdcore (D-Form Remix)
The Ranger - The Rhyme Spit (ft Whoremoans, T.Y.T. & Kabuto)
PoP Stick - The Hamster Song

The Ranger & Grandmaster Pink - We Alright
Tres Walsh - Thank You

if you'll notice, I have 2 credits there. check out the inbox remix too!

Um... I guess that's it. take care.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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