Thursday, May 29, 2008

Random Thoughts, 5.30

School is out!! yesss! summer break here I come.

LOST's finale was pretty

I'm addicted to twitter. get on there and follow me:

just found an app on the iPhone for it....sweetness...

and now, here's some important info.

my new album "Patches and Glue" will only be available in physical form for a short time. this is a limited album, that I hope and pray will be worth something one day..see, i think about you guys... I want you to have something that you can put on eBay someday...

so, if you order P&G here for $7,

I'll personally send you a nice FREE gift to hold you over while you wait for the CD.

in addition to a shout out here.

act fast.

Love ya.


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