Friday, December 26, 2008

Get a writer's credit for Mega Ran 9.

I used to love those 'choose your own adventure' storybooks when i was young...

so I'm offering you guys a chance to help out and make this Mega Ran 9 album extra special.

join the discussion here: The Random Hip Hop Board

and read the current story so far. then, add your 2 cents.

no matter how silly or crazy, i'll consider it... just dont say he meets Mario or something ridiculous.

My Capcom-Unity blog isnt letting me log in, so the good news is that this place will be updated more often.
I'm out in Philly with the peeps, freezing...

got a show tomorrow with Chief Kamachi, havent seen him rock in at least 2 years.

so, join me at the forum so we can make Mega Ran 9 THE BEST RANDOM ALBUM YET.


join the discussion here: The Random Hip Hop Board

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