Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Mega Ran 9. Now.

okay this isn't really a demand, but a call for you to stop by my new site: and grab the Mega Ran 9 album... I mean, it's free!


Monday, February 02, 2009

My Interview with J-Live

the 'Random Interviews' continue with a short chat with one of my favorites, fellow Teacher/MC J-Live. I thought I stayed busy...he wears a few more hats than I do, as a DJ and producer, and family man as well.

I remember seeing him live in like 2004 opening for GZA, and he blew me away by rapping and spinning at the same time.

We went on to do a show together in Philly when he lived out there, and now he's in Atlanta.

so here are the questions...
(part 1)

[b]Which artist has you whipped? (meaning you'll buy whatever they put out)[/b]

The Roots. Whether I like it or not. I always look forward to their
albums. Closest thing left for me to anticipating walking home from
The Wiz with a cassette in the walkman.

[b] how do you measure success in music?[/b]

For me. When enough people know love and support my music that I can support my children's children, build great things in my community,
and impact the planet not just with inspiring and enlightening
thoughts and sounds, but with endeavors that empower the so called third world.

[b] is Obama the answer?[/b]

No. There's too many questions. He is our President. OUR President.
The first time in MY lifetime I actually feel well represented in the
Executive Branch. And not just because he's black. He was the best man
for the job. He's the anti Bush. And its great having black love in
the White House and such a beautiful historic First Family. Makes me

[b] when did you realize that music was your calling...if it is :)[/b]

Tokyo Japan in the late 90s doing Club Yellow and being told it was
the illest show since Tribe Called Quest.

here's an mp3 for of my favorite J-Live jams..

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