Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random is Wired with Capcom (interviews)

Mega Ran 9 seems to be picking up a new steam; it's sold out at a few online retailers and people seem to be content with spending money for it...go figure.

a few new interviews have surfaced this week, including a Q&A with S-Kill of Capcom Unity... a great read.


Unity: Who are you collaborating with these days? What do you feel they bring to the table creatively?

I draw so much inspiration from so many things and people, so I've been working with a few awesome producers and musicians. K-Murdock, of the group Panacea, and I are working on a project called Forever Famicom, where he'll make the beats off of plenty of the classic NES games, and I'll lay the vocals.

I've recently signed a deal with a Japanese label, River City Records, to release an album called Randomonium' this year; it'll contain some of my biggest "hits" if you can call them that, along with some new stuff. Collaborators on there include DN3; my DJ, Samik, Young B, DJ Prolifik, Wordsworth, 88-Keys, Naledge of Kidz in the Hall and more.

There's more, as the good folks at Wired Magazine's blog put me up on the front page for a spell

and then asked me some great questions. Click to read.

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