Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mega Ran aims arm cannon at Mega Man 10.

PHOENIX, AZ - Hip Hopper and teacher Random, also known as Mega Ran, has offered another challenge to his loyal fans.

Random (Raheem Jarbo), best known for his video game tribute albums "Mega Ran" (2007) and "Mega Ran 9" (2009), has started an online petition to get his music and/or character put into the new Capcom retro-styled release "Mega Man 10."

"Ever since the game has released, I've gotten plenty of emails and tweets telling me how cool it would be if I was in the game somehow, and I started thinking, it WOULD be cool. Capcom has been so supportive and generous so far; so I figured it's worth a try."

Random is no stranger to offering challenges, as in 2008, he asked his fans to vote for him in an Online Hip-Hop Award balloting, and they did so in droves. This led to the release of "Mega Ran 9" in March 2009. It has gone on to be downloaded over 6,000 times and was named in "Album of the Year" lists by several blogs and news sources.

Interested fans can read or sign the petition here.

Random's upcoming show dates:

12/23/09 - The Fire, Philadelphia PA
1/9/09 - Anime Los Angeles, LAX Marriott - Los Angeles, CA
2/10/09 - Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Monday, December 07, 2009

Mega Ran live in LA

thanks to Jeriaska for the great footage!

Worst I Ever Heard:

Mega Ran in LA - (Drake Remix) Worst I Ever Heard from Jeriaska on Vimeo.

and of course, the freestyle:

Mega Ran in LA - Freestyle from Jeriaska on Vimeo.

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