Monday, September 06, 2010

Heroes, Volume One

PHOENIX, AZ - You might remember Philly-born Teacher/Rapper/Producer Random (aka Mega Ran) released his last album, the gamer throwback Forever Famicom with producer K-Murdock of Panacea in June 2010. The album was praised for its nostalgic beats and heartfelt lyrics.

One week ago, the duo decided to involve the fans in the next evolution of the highly popular project, by developing a DVD movie and vinyl version of the album. They asked the fans to donate through Kickstarter, and the fans answered…big time.

In just 5 days, the project has reached its $2500 goal, and is now over $3000 with over 20 days remaining on the campaign.

In response to the overwhelming fan support, Ran decided to release a special album for free, entitled Heroes, Volume One. The 10-track album features production by DN3, EOM, CJ and Ran himself, sampling records from music icons like James Brown, Marvin Gaye, The Jacksons, Stevie Wonder and more.

click to download.

Enjoy, and if you’d like to donate, there's still time. visit the Kickstarter Page:

Thank you for supporting Random and Team Forever Famicom.

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