Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One of my students...shot.

Today I heard that one of my students was shot over the break.

a 12-year old boy. Shot. While PLAYING SOCCER.

in PHOENIX, not Philly.

As much as we talk about kids not doing right and being worse than ever, this kid was doing the right thing, and his father was there watching him.

Some fool decided to ride by the soccer field and let off a few shots.

They hit a 12-year old boy in the shoulder and jaw.

Thank God he's recovering well.

This is kinda crazy to me, because I'm thinking I escaped all the crime and madness of Philly out here. Just goes to show, stuff happens EVERYWHERE. I know y'all aren't as naive as me, and don't need something like this to wake y'all up...

but just in case.

This stuff has got to stop.

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