Friday, March 21, 2008

The Grow Up Remix Blog.

A while back, I had a little search for the perfect "Grow Up" remix.

I got some good submissions.
I got some great submissions.
I got some submissions that should've probably stayed unsubmitted. :)

just kidding, I love all you guys.

So what I'll do is get my Simon Cowell on, and rate these bad boys and tell you why it is or isn't the one.

I'll put the best one on my player, so I need you guys' help!

The San Remix


What I liked: that he probably never listened to the original.

What I didn't like: that he everything. This just doesn't work. Thanks for playing, San.

The Ascension Music Remix feat/ Dan Poh


What I liked: Dan's verse. cool idea, I liked it.

What I didn't like: I can't shake the feeling that this one is off beat a little. I can't catch it.

The Fingaz Remix.


what I liked: Those drums!! very nice!

What i didn't like: the same as most of them: the chorus just didn't work. but with some re-working, this could be it.

The AntiSoc Remix.


What I liked: Everything...very very nice.

What I didn't like: it was the chorus, but he fixed it... great stuff.

The Storyville Remix.


What I liked: very musical, really cool

What I didn't like: well, I don't know. I like this a lot.

The Jonato7 Remix.


A very late submission, but well worth the wait.

What I liked: Awesome, kept the 8 bit feel intact.

What I didn't like: nothing. Down to the hook, he nailed it. nice job IMO.


Jon said...

It's gonna have to be that Jonato...most bumping track on the page...

Jon said...

the Storyville one is a great runner up though

Jonato 7 (Jon on okp) said...

hey LOL! this is Jon from okayplayer (aka Jonato 7) ...ummm i just want to make clear that the above endorsement (jon) is someone else and not me endorsing myself.

and THANKS jon! appreciate the love

amdiggity said...

i like dan poh's version! that's my vote!

rhyMEinFLOmOCEAN said...

Rhyme da Old Man says to vote DAN POH or recieve a visit from Ganon!!!

Anonymous said...

stop hatin on San, man!

Paco said...

Dan Poh (even though that Jonato remix was dope...stayed pretty close with the OG though)

Anonymous said...


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