Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This time, I'M asking the questions....

In my quest to make "the 8th day" album an experience, I needed good music, so I got with good producers and emcees. Then, I needed great artwork, so I got with Kasey.
so for everyone who has complimented the artwork, thank you...but you have this
man to thank. So I decided to interview the man himself responsible for it,
Kasey Moore. In addition to being an incredibly talented graphic designer, he
also is a huge hip-hop head, with quite an impressive list of clientele.

so if you're looking for some great work, check him out...

and now... the interview...

1. how long have you been doing graphic design?

I've been designing for about 8 years... or
at least what I like to think of as design. I've been
professionally designing for a little over two (I
don't know if college counts)

2. any big projects?

I don't know if you have heard of Random's
new album, The 8th Day, but I did that... ha. I have
also done some big projects for Miller Lite (they are
the main client I work on), but have dabbled into
Samsung, Sara Lee and Pur Water Filters.

3. What inspired you to come up with "The 8th Day"

When Random told me his idea it kind made a
spark. I didn't follow what exactly he was asking for,
but I understood the theme and feel that he was
looking for. I started thinking about the idea of new
beginnings and the whole idea of starting over. To me
a good way of representing that was with a kind of
dystopian feel where this new life was emerging from
the destruction (aka the flower).

4. have you heard the album? what's your favorite

Why yes I have heard the album and I am
absolutely proud to be even a little part of it.
Obviously there is more than one song that I'm really
feeling, I can't decide which I like the best... I can
narrow it down to two. Placebo is amazing. The theme
of the song in general is what really does it for me.
I think it really talks to an issue that's going on in
this country that needs to be confronted, not to
mention the hook that caught my attention immediately.
I am also really into Fastlane. I just love the flow
of the song and the way Random can sound so one with
the beat. The man knows what he is doing.

5. have you done album covers before? if so,who?

I have never done an album cover for an actual artist,
but in college I did my senior thesis on hip-hip cover
design where I created 10 different album covers for
some of my favorite artists. The whole thing was
directed towards independent artists and reasoning for
having well designed albums, but that's for another

6. What made you take on this job?

Well, I first heard of Random from the Megaran album
(which blew my mind) and then from there on I listened
to whatever I could from him. Album design has always
been my passion, so when Random presented me with the
opportunity I took it. I'm always willing to do what I
can for somebody that is actually making intelligent
music that doesn't have to do with nursery worthy
rhymes and bling.

7. How was it working with Random? (feel free to be

It was great. Random was very receptive to
my ideas and understood what I was trying to do. I
appreciate that he allowed me to have creative freedom
on his album.

8. what do you do when you're not doing graphic
design? any family?

I have the normal family stuff. Parents and siblings,
no wife or kids... I need to stay young for a little
while longer. When I'm not doing graphic design, and
well even when I'm doing design I'm buying and
listening to music as much as possible... it's kind of
a problem. My girlfriend would probably tell you that
I'm playing 360 too much, but can you really play too
many video games?

9. Who are you listening to these days?

Great question. Well, not to kiss too much ass
but Random's up there on my list. I'm really feeling
Murs and all the Living Legends for that matter. Let's
see I love M.F. Doom even though he has been a hiatus
as of late. One.Be.Lo is amazing (I'm originally from
Michigan so I'm a little partial). Ok I'm taking too
long so Chromeo, Ed O.G. (old and new), J Dilla (RIP),
Eyedea and Abilities, and Hanger 18... I want to name
more but that would be annoying.

10. How can people who are interested get in touch
with you?

Drop me an email at Working on
a website, but it's not fully functional yet (I hope
someone gets that reference).


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