Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Ran at Scribble Jam

What up... wild weekend in RanLand:

I entered the Scribble Jam preliminaries in Phoenix this weekend, just for the heck of it... and WOW! I won!

best part about that is that my homie Storyville won the NY Prelims so we'll be meeting up in OH at the end of the month.

but I knew there was a reason why I had never entered an MC Battle before...

rappers have egos..but at the same time they get super sensitive when they lose.

So I had a problem arise out of one of the non-winners of the contest asking me for a rematch in the parking lot, and me not being interested.

This leads to some internet thuggery, of course.

So do I have my first rap beef? let's hope not.

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