Wednesday, June 11, 2008

इन्तेर्विएव इन विरेड मग.


along with the extra questions:

> 3) Why the move to Arizona? Teaching gig?

Well, that was just part of it. I was also teaching in Philly, and I
loved it, and could have stayed there and probably earned more money,
but I felt like I was drawn here for some reason. I applied to schools
in 7 different states but got the most calls from Arizona. I found out
that AZ is ranked 50th among the states in quality of
education....50th. That's like, dead last. I heard that 3 out of 10
students in middle school right now out here will drop out of high
school. I think I need to help change that.

I also felt like as a person, and as a musician, I had to make a move
to grow. I told another interviewer a while back, I think I'm kinda
like Ryu at the end of the Street Fighter II video game... he won the
tournament, but didn't even stay for the ceremony; he was leaving to
find the next challenge. I didn't necessarily 'win' anything in
Philly, but I was ready to move on to a new challenge. I can't say
that this is the last stop, or that one place is better than another,
because I'll always be a Philly native, but being out here has offered
some different opportunities, and different inspirations...not better,
not worse, just different... but the 110 degree days have me really
missing the East Coast...

> 4) What are your thoughts on hip-hop's new century? Is
> the underground
> more vital than ever, now that the overground has almost
> been tapped
> out?

I'd say so. I'm working on a new project, 'The 8th Day,' and it's all
about new beginnings, because I feel that all of our lives are heading
towards a new start... the music business, and hip-hop especially, is
no different. Nowadays, independent is the way to go. This is the
generation of DIY. No more do you need a record label, a major
artist's cosign, or a bunch of start-up money to make a name for
yourself, all you need is your imagination and a video camera.
Creativity in mainstream music has hit a wall, and now those bigwigs
have to look at US, the people, to determine what's 'hot,' instead of
the days where they could just tell us what to like and we'd accept
it. I love the change. I welcome it with open arms...but make no
mistake; if everyone started doing what I do right now, I'd move on to
something else...something Random...yeah.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

bad news, good news, bad news, good news.


GOOD NEWS: Microsoft extended the they'll fix it for free

BAD NEWS: for the time being, I'm stuck w/o an XBOX and nothing else to do since I'm out of work.

GOOD NEWS: I fixed the XBOX, thanks to the Towel Trick

BAD NEWS: as I kept reading more sites about the Towel Trick, that apparently voids your warranty.

GOOD NEWS: I can play GTA 4 again!

BAD NEWS: If the RED RING doesn't come back, I can't send it back to Microsoft for the free fix.

GOOD NEWS: School is over! yay!

BAD NEWS: I didnt turn in all of my paperwork, so now I have to find it....

I guess I should get on that now.

In the meantime, go read this older Random interview, one of my faves.

shout out to Z. of Hipster, Please.

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