Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Back To the Future Tour Blog, Part 1

So the show started with the first gig,

date 1: 6-17 at Burts Tiki Lounge in Albuquerque. We were joined on the first leg of the tour by Big Ox, Major Problems and DJ Bonus of Tucson, who held us down nicely at the spot. Mr Miranda and I ripped it, and after the show we all celebrated with some mystery drinks...

afterwards, Dave had a Green Chile shot... He says it was good.

Big ups to: Flux and Serif, and the team at Burts.

date 2: 6-18: El Patio, Las Cruces, NM
So Dave and I bounce to the venue but weren't informed that the venue had changed. We got to the spot late, but it was well worth the wait. this time Dave and I play headlining role, performing after several acts, and going on after 1am. no worries! The crowd is still there and still supportive. Best part was when I invited a cat from the crowd up on stage to freestyle, and the dude started RAPPING... Lol. Big fun.

Big ups to: Henry G of Underground Kingz Radio, The 8-Bit Cynics (who unfortunately don't make 8-bit music, but it's dope).

Date 3 got a little fuzzy.. We were supposed to have a date in El Paso, but that fell through. So we decided to get an early start toward Dallas. Along the way, I get an email from Shadix (who helped produce the acoustic remix of "Splash Woman") offering us a show opportunity the next day in Austin. I was down. I had told Dave a thousand stories about how dope and unbelievable Austin is.... So who would pass up a show out there? So we set a course for Austin.

Along the way we hit Noah's Ark-like floods and rains, and almost hit a freakin' deer on the road. Scariest drive ever for sure.

date 3: (just added: Hutto, Tx)

as you can see, Hutto is NOT Austin. Hutto is a small town about 45 minutes away. On top of that, the show was a rock show, and we were the only hip hop on the bill. We get there, we have sound issues... so, we decide to freestyle and rock over the band. Furthest From The Star, a dope band who had never done an impromptu set before, rocked with us and we had a ball.

Also while in Austin, we met with ChopSteak and chopped it up (pun intended) with him, and he showed us around town. Ate a spectacular Sunday brunch at Threadgill's (sweet potato pancakes ftw) and got on the road to Dallas.

Big ups to: Chop Steak, Shadix (and all of

Show 4: The Cavern, Dallas TX
Dallas is HOT. I mean, like Really hot. And I live in Phoenix, so for me to call something else hot, it must be. It's like a big skillet out there.

I had to do something in Dallas I always wanted to do, so we took care of that.

I hadn't been to Dallas before, but I had great tour guides, DJ Rob Viktum and Kristi of The Young Agent.

We had some great grub out there, including a spectacular lunch at Cuba Libre, and what seemed like unlimited Mojitos. That night, we rocked a set at The Cavern, which prior to that night, hadn't had a live performance, ever. But it went smoothly. Dave busted out one of my fave joints from his mixtape, "Cool," and I rocked a memorable freestyle over "A Milli." which means, officially, EVERY rapper has now rapped on that beat. :)

Big Ups to: Markus of Big Red Rooster, all of the tweeps I met at the event for the first time: @guerillamilk @misscarey @lovejones83 @summa_reign and Big J of the Clever Monkeys.

from here on out, I was on my own for the rest of the tour, as Mr. Miranda had to bounce. So I got on the road, and headed for Nashville.

Show 5: 6-25-09, Cafe Coco, Nashville, TN

I always have fun in Nashville, the most recent time before this was at the Mid Tennessee Anime Con

But this was much different... I got the news of Michael Jackson's passing on that day, and the rest of the show was a blur. in fact, lets not even dwell on this show.

Show 6: 6-26-09 @ Tacony Billiards, Phila, PA

Finally back in the hometown, the city of brotherly Thugs, Killadelphia, you name it. No place like home. I did the show with my man Storyville, who always has my back when I come into town, and the show was great. Super Big Ups to Big O and DJ Akshun for holding me down... felt like '06 all over again out there.

We shot video but it was waaaaaay too long to post. :-(

Finally got some time off, so I got to visit family and friends, but mostly what I did was sleep. driving across country is HARD work.

Show 7: 7-3-09 @ Dubland Underground, Rochester, NY

I never really felt like a big star until this show. I got in town and met my liason who informed me that I was in the City Paper and they were really expecting a dope crowd. I had fun, we ripped it, and made some really good friends and fans.

I have to shout out Ray (Fumaofthelake), who I met on my Message Board, for coming through, but also for telling friends and offering a place to crash!

more to come later.... i'm tired.


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