Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Thanks For Supporting Random! Vol.2

What is it??

Just my way of saying happy birthday..to me.

a few unreleased joints I found under my couch.



What's on it??


1. RandomBeagle Prologue feat DN3

2. Joyful Noise

3. Worst I Ever Heard (Drake Remix)

4. Remainder Is One feat. Blaze Rock And Storyville

5. Played a Fool

6. Random Got Paid feat. Epic 1 And Masurao

7. Blackout (Small Pro Remix)

8. Paramount feat. Reef the Lost Cauze

9. Caster

BONUS: New and Improved(prod by DN3)


there's a few ways.

1. get it from Kevin Nottingham's blog.

2. Get it from my Bandcamp Site *with the bonus cut*

3. Get it from my messageboard (and sign up too, why don't cha?!?!)


Conflux of Colors said...

Awesome mix man. hey, I just started a random blog of my own, tell me how ad it sucks? lol. http://www.notallgeek.com/

Nova Blade said...

Hey Ran, awesome mixtape. I especially like the way you flipped the concept on the Drake song. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

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