Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Year in Random.

2009 was a year of ups and downs for me personally and musically. So here we go on a long ride through twenty oh nine.

JANUARY 2009 - I spent New Years of 2009 at a great party hosted by Haj of Dumhi. had a great time, then hopped a plane that morning back to Phoenix.

also in January, I debuted my 2nd music video, one of my favorite songs, PUSH.

The video was directed by John Colombo, who has also gone on to make some huge moves this year!

The vid got me some much appreciated love from a site that i've always frequented, among others.

The Year was only just beginning.

FEBRUARY 2009 In February, I dropped the free version of Mega Ran 9 to a hungry video game and hip hop audience, and the response was astounding. My peeps at Capcom showed love as well, and when the full version dropped in March, a dope video was available for Splash Woman.

many thanks to Music Video Mayhem!

also in Feb, Street Fighter 4 released and sapped a lot of my creativity and memory. Moving on...

MARCH 2009 - I officially released Mega Ran 9 for sale, and people bought it! thanks guys. (plug--- go cop that.)

March was pretty big for a few reasons: I took my yearly trip to Florida for a gig at Anime Express, and the adventure became a song. Also, I signed my first Japanese record label contract with River City Records to release Randomonium, an import-only release.

APRIL 2009-
I learned that Scribble Jam and Blender, 2 media outlets who were very instrumental in supporting Random in 2008, were no more :-( This was only the beginning of the bad news.

MAY 2009
- I experienced ups and downs at the same time. While I was set to release my first mixtape, TeacherRapperHero, more love came my way, but the biggest bombshell of my life was on the way.

Random got fired.
a week after teacher appreciation day.

JUNE 2009
- Never down for long, I went on with the plan to tour the country with my man 50 grand Mr. Miranda, for the Back to the Future Tour.

had great times, met some great people....

June 25, Nashville, TN. Cafe Coco. I got the news of Michael Jackson's passing and didn't want to believe it, let along perform that night. crazy crazy moment.

JULY 2009
- I got to Rochester New York to find my face in the paper! what a scary thought.

After that it was Comic Con time, and I had the opportunity of a lifetime when myself , Blaze Rock and Storyville's tune "Remainder is One" got put on the Marvel vs Capcom 2 Mixtape.

and its on the Playstation Network!

AUGUST 2009 - I'm back in the teaching world as I get offered and accept a new position teaching 7th/8th graders.

SEPTEMBER 2009 - I started writing a bunch of new music but had no place to put it, so on my birthday (the 3rd, put it on your calendars), I released a short online-only project to get those songs out there. included was this little ditty:

OCTOBER 2009 - I got myself a full page article in the Phoenix New Times, that was exciting. I also traveled to Battle Creek Michigan for a show, home of Kellog's.

NOVEMBER 2009 - I don't remember much happening in November, I guess I was just ready for the holidays.

DECEMBER 2009 I went home to visit the fam and was greeted by 23 inches of snow. and they wonder why I say I wont move back tot he east coast. there, I got a crazy idea about the new Mega Man 10 game... crazy. Sign the Petition!
I spent the last week of 2009 visiting Atlanta as an unexpected stop on the way back to Philly.
Also, I just found out I ended the year as the #1 ranked hip-hop artist on Reverbnation in Phoenix, AZ. whoo!
so that was my year, now I'll end it off with some photos.. enjoy and Happy New Year!


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