Friday, June 25, 2010


I don’t think I’ll forget that day.
When Michael Jackson passed on June 25, 2009, I was in Nashville, on tour, and I saw the rumors coming across Twitter at an alarming rate... I ran to the closest place with a TV, which was a Burger King of all places.. with a major spelling faux pas on the sign outside.

... and sat there glued to the TV until I heard the news.

I didn't even want to perform that night... in fact the show itself is pretty much a blur. Worst was I had to drive from Nashville to Philly that next day, all alone. I played "Man In The Mirror" about 75 times on repeat, no joke.

It's a shame, because as great as MJ was... we took his talent and influence for granted. There will never ever be another Michael Jackson, and we were blessed to be able to see you at your peak.

When MJ won all those Grammys in 1985, I remember begging my mom to stay up later, to see how many he would win. Up until the credits rolled on the show, I was sure he would win 15 or 20.

I felt like I lost an uncle, a family member that day. Words really can't express MJ's influence on my childhood, my culture, my life. I still have a pic of myself in the Thriller jacket dancing to some MJ (I won't upload that, don't ask). There's no way I can ever repay him for all the memories, but I figured I'd try the best way I knew how. I created a tribute song to one of my favorite MJ tunes, "Off The Wall."

Here's my song with DN3, collectively known as The RandomBeagle - "Enjoy Yourself"

Random and DN3 (The RandomBeagle) - "Enjoy Yourself"



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