Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mega Ran's wishlist

*I don't NEED anything on this list, but these are some things that I really want, and I wish I could get... yaknow.

listed in order of price, not preference.
*if its deleted, it's because it's been taken care of.. <3 my peeps.


2. Book: Decoded by Jay - Z
(18.88 @ Amazon)
The excerpts I've read are amazing and I've heard nothing by good reviews.

3a. Swatch Mens Watch GN230
($49.99 or less @ Amazon)

my mom always gets me a watch every year, but just once I'd like to get one I'd actually wear... and it's blue..perfect.

3b. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Xbox 360
(49.99 used, 59.99 new @ Gamestop)
I've played a little of the AC games and I've enjoyed them a lot.

4. Jordan 11 Cool Grey size 14
(174.99 wherever you can find them)
These shoes first dropped in 2001, and were a big hit... I had just graduated from college then and couldnt get them. I'm nowhere near the sneaker head I was back then, but these are dope.

5. Native Instruments Maschine
(599.99 @ Amazon)

The ultimate beatmaking device. This thing could make me throw away a lot of junk in my studio and still make good stuff. it's an all-in-one, and a beast of a machine.

and there it is....

oh and of course if you want to help out.. :-)


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