Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Random and Lost Perception: Black Materia

Get it here!

click the images to purchase! Black Materia is now in the top 30 for hip-hop releases, let's keep it there!

For the collectors: there are under 100 copies of the hard copy in DVD case, hurry!


The album features artists such as:
Brentalfloss, Ilyas of Tanya Morgan, Maja, Dale Chase, Storyville and MORE!

not sure? download the 8 track free version here!

then go get the album!

Got iTunes money? then get it here:
Black Materia iTunes Purchase Link

download and enjoy.

Love it? Please, share with a friend or 2, or 20...leave a review, and spread the Black Materia!

as usual, thanks for listening.



Anonymous said...


This may be a long shot, but I would really like a collectors item DVD, but I'm in Ghana with no access to Amazon.

Is there another way I can order it from here, such as a money order or something similar?


Kofi Manfiah

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