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Mega Ran available NOW.

Here ya go guys and dolls... enjoy.

this is the DOWNLOAD VERSION, missing 3 tracks that can be found on the full length, with add'l artwork.

do me a favor and please read the 'please read' inside........

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"Mega Ran"
RandomBeats Music/ RAHM Nation Recordings, LLC
June 19, 2007

AUDIO: "Grow Up" and "Final Battle" feat. Loose can be found in the Mega Ran Yahoo! Group.

Hip-Hop artist, producer and educator Random is set to release his newest project, the much talked-about "Mega Ran" on June 19. The humorous album is more of a side project, and a vast departure from Random's previous effort, the critically acclaimed "The Call," released in February 2006.

The "Mega Ran" concept is simple: Take the unforgettable 8-bit tunes of the classic video game series "Mega Man," sample them, and lay original rhymes on top, interweaving the Mega Man storyline and characters. With today's cutting edge hip-hop production techniques, Random and producers DN3, Samik, Domingo (Big Pun, KRS-ONE) turn these tunes into completely new headnod-inducing creations. The album has garnered attention from various media outlets, including IGN Music, Rawkus Records, Underground, and even CBS News.

On "Mega Ran," the talented wordsmith brings his production skills to the forefront, producing 8 of the 15 tracks. Although Random is quick to point out that this is not his next studio album, "Mega Ran" continues to uphold the tradition of recent RAHM Nation releases, with slick production and sequencing by RAHM Nation in house producer and engineer DN3 behind the boards.

"Mega Ran" can best be compared to the work of MF Doom and Danger Mouse on their 2005 "Danger Doom" album, which went gold and was considered a huge underground and commercial success. "I even thought about wearing a big blue helmet at shows, but that'd be a little too my head's too big," Random says.

The first single, "Grow Up," has become a huge hit for Random, achieving close to 2000 plays and 300 downloads in just two weeks time. Fans were surprised by its alternative-rock feel, but impressed by its sharp, witty lyricism and undeniably catchy chorus.

Since his debut release "Fundamentals" in 2005, Random has burst to the top of Philadelphia's crowded underground hip-hop scene to become a fan favorite. His distinctive delivery, everyman persona and constant hard work has earned him credibility and respect from the city's toughest critics. OkayPlayer stated "This is an emcee who immediately proves his credibility with a nice voice and nicer flow." Gian Fiero, of the Muse's Muse, said of "The Call," "Over the years I've reviewed some good and some great Rap projects, but none have been as significant as this one."

As a teacher, Random prides himself on music that can be understood and related to by all walks of life, and that can be proudly introduced in a classroom setting. In addition to public schools all over America, "The Call" is being utilized in college coursework at Penn State, Temple, Virginia Tech and several other universities.

Random recently announced The Mega Ran Tour, on which he will hit cities from coast to coast, including a stop at this year's Comic-Con Festival in San Diego, CA before returning to Phoenix to begin the fall semester teaching at an area middle school.


2007 marks the 20-year anniversary of the birth of the Mega Man franchise. The first Mega Man game released in December 1987 on the NES, and was praised for its colorful graphics and intuitive gameplay mechanics. more info is at

Collaborators on the project include RAHM Nation producer DN3 (The Call, Rapademics), Domingo (Big Pun, KRS-ONE), videogame rock band The Megas, nerdrap sensation YTCracker, Problem Child, Samik (G-Unit and Ruff Ryders producer), and many more.
“Mega Ran” will release on June 19th, 2007 and will be a free download at,, and

A CD version of the album with 3 bonus tracks and additional artwork will be available for purchase at midnight Eastern on June 19. Members of the Yahoo! Group get access to purchase links and free downloads days earlier.


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