Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mega Ran's Blog, 6.26

well, I gotta say, I didnt think it would happen

700 downloads in just a week's time. Thanks so much for the support!

and now its over...

but don't worry folks, you can STILL get the Mega Ran album if you missed it.

Just not from me.

I know its out there, so now it's time for you fans to show your faces and let someone hear it if they don't have it yet.

Don't forget if you have the bootleg version....then you're missing 3 songs, and exclusive artwork! and you're lame! :) well not really.

order it here while you can.
I'm only selling 100 of them, then that's it.

in other news..

just got the details from Capcom about my role in this year's COMIC CON event, and I'll be rocking for a solid hour, on the afternoon of Saturday, July 28th in San Diego.

Now if you know the album, The Mega Ran album itself isnt even an hour long, but don't worry, I'll rock some of my faves from "The Call," and even some surprises.

I've never been to SD before, so I'm looking forward to catching up with Shamu at SeaWorld, among other things.

California Here I come!

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