Tuesday, August 28, 2007

back from Florida

back from FLA..the love and hate blog.

I saw the things I love and hate about the south all in one short trip.

man oh man... where do I begin?

I guess at the beginning.

We stayed at the plush Grosvenor (if anyone knows how to pronounce that, let me know) Hotel in Lake Buena Vista, and the place was lovely...pools, karaoke, basketball courts a Wii..yup, a Wii... and a $10 a night activity fee to pay for it.

But we were right down the street from Downtown Disney, so we went there first. Had a great time, and saw a spectacular improv comedy show which gave me some great ideas... I'll get to those later.

first of all, the love was there. I played at Tim and Terry's for Nerdapalooza SE in Gainesville, FL (go Gators!)

and it was totally amazing. That campus is really impressive.
great crowd, great atmosphere (a little hot), and great times.

This was when the improv ideas came back. Back in the day, when me and Ohene were rhyme partners, during every one of our sets, O would end it off with a crazy freestyle session..all impromptu, off the head rhymes. He'd ask everyone in the crowd to pull something out of their
, and he'd incorporate it in his rhymes. So, after seeing the un-sketched sketch comedy show, I decided to alter my set at the last minute and take a page from the book of O.

This was the first time I had done it, and it worked very well..got a great reaction, and it was huge fun. We got it on tape, hopefully it'll get upped soon.
More improv fun--at the end of the night, myself, Zealous1 and Shinobi kicked a few freestyles over some sick beats, even creating an on the fly song with hook. I hope somebody got that on film!

Next day we hit up Disney World thanks to the free tickets from the timeshare presentation we went to the day before (These folks just don't know how to take NO for an answer!!) little piece of advice--if they say its a 2 hr presentation, expect 3.5.
pretty good time at Disney, I only wanted to go on one ride.

Space Mountain.

a ride that I'd heard sooooo much about since I was a kid...but had never gotten on.

Wait time.... 60 minutes.

but what the heck, right, this is the ride I've been waiting for!

20 minutes into the wait, something happened.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please bear with us, we're having some technical difficulties...we apologize to those of you on the ride at this time, please remain seated...

..on the ride??? stuck?? Awwwww Nawww! so eventually they shut the ride down and got everyone out of there. We came back 2 hours later and it was still down.

Oh well..maybe next time.

Who am I kidding, I ain't going back there again...unless I have kids.

And now.....for the hate. As I was coming back from an errand on Sunday night, I got pulled over by a police officer who SAID I ran a stop sign. Did I? I don't think so... we all do those California stops* every once in a while, right? right???

*FYI: ..>..>
a. california stop

AKA the california rolling stop

The act of not completely stopping at a stop sign or a right hand turn, but rather 'rolling' through it by slowing down some.

*sees stop sign*
*looks for cops*
*sees none*
*makes a california stop*

*hears sirens*

says 'D'oh!'

well let me set the scene...smalltown area, after midnight, on a small road, not even a 4 way stop...totally secluded area.

or so I thought.

"Gotcha!" -Dave Chappelle

Anyway, the scene couldve been much worse, because I was driving a rental car...and when she asked for the papers, I checked the glove box....

they weren't there.

I checked the floor, the back...



I Texted Ida (sidebar--is it 'texted' or text'd?), and she tells me she doesn't have them either...

this could be bad.

now I have to convince this small-town beat cop who's dying to make her quota who just pulled over a young man with an out of state license that I didn't steal this car.

Well, luckily it worked, due to the Mega-Charm (c)* I managed to get out of this little jam with only a ticket....

for $122.50!

I almost cussed, and I don't cuss.

Again, I hate to pull the race card, but us brothers know of something called DWB: and that doesn't mean Doctors with Businesses or Donuts with Black Coffee...

it means Driving While Black.

Now DWB might be a myth, or a fabric of the vivid imagination of African American conspiracy theorists all over the world, but this is what the 'experts' say:

DWB: a word play on the name of a real U.S. crime, driving while intoxicated. The phrase implies that a motorist may be pulled over by a police officer simply because he or she is black, and then questioned, searched, and/or charged with a trivial offense. This concept stems from a long history of racism in the United States, United Kingdom, and other countries. The term refers to racial profiling, which is said to be used by police and other law enforcement officials.

see also: "walking while Black," "learning while Brown," Flying while Muslim," and "Speaking while Blonde." (I didn't make these up...well I did make up the last one.)

Anyway, the rest of the trip went very well, I auctioned the only existing Mega Ran shirt off this weekend (so if you see it on eBay, don't buy it! ), which was symbolic, because it's the last show on the specified Mega Ran Tour. I don't plan to do any specific Mega Ran dates after this, as I'm ready to grow up get to work on the next project.

What is the next project?

Stay tuned....

The pros and cons go like this:

1- The Grosvenor, especially the jacuzzi
2- The Tim and Terry's crowd
3- The comedy show @ Downtown Disney
4- Quality time

1- cops
2- cops
3- cops
4- humidity

have a spectacular evening. pics coming soon....

*Mega-Charm is a registered trademark of RandomBeats. any unauthorized use is prohibited.

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