Thursday, August 16, 2007

What are folks saying about "Mega Ran?"

anyway, here are a few opinions about Random's Mega Ran album that are floating around the 'Net and media these days...all in one place for the lazy folks...

Above all, Random rises to the occasion by making an album that is both clever and effortless. Despite its lofty ambitions, the album's intent never overshadows the simple fact that the music is dope...anyone who ever kept a log of their continue codes is sure to geek out to what amounts to one of the most creative releases this year., Aug 2007 (4/5)

Not only an interesting concept, Mega Ran is also an enjoyable trip down memory lane for many.
-Exclaim Magazine, July 2007

The bottom line is that Random manages to keep his hip-hop credentials in tact even while marrying underground battle raps to video game tracks.
-Rap Reviews, July 2007 (7/10)

In the past 20 years, Mega Man never sounded this good.
-Game Music 4 All, June 2007

Old school Blue Bomber fans are gonna hear these classic themes and flip.
-Scarlett (Capcom USA), July 2007

I guess the only question to ask now is..

Why don't you have it??? didn't know how to get it?

Okay, I gotcha.


choose your adventure!!

Cop that soon.. we are VERY CLOSE to my 'limited quantities' number, so I suspect these won't be around very long. get 2, and leave one in the plastic.

soon, you'll wake up, and the whole Mega Ran thing will have been a dream.

now if you'll excuse me, Madden is calling. I just got my first win, and that was luck. I need some practice........

PS- and don't worry, I plan on working on the Biggie video...I'm serious! soon as SOMEONE brings the videocamera

I'll post that footage fo'sho.

'Til next time, keep shining.


PPS--this is hilarious! if you get a moment...peep it.
gives new meaning to "Karate Kid." Dude should get an Oscar.

Part 1.

Part 2.

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