Saturday, December 29, 2007

Crazy Eddie

DO you guys (particularly on the East Coast) remember Crazy Eddie?

well he was a dude who got on TV, selling electronics for cheap, yelling at you the whole time, and saying that if you didn't buy from him, you were..

so the story goes, Eddie and his company were doing some shady stuff, and the owner fled, and the feds brought the company down.
you can read the rest here.
but that brings me to my next point..

Have they gone craaaaaaazy?!?!

from RAHM Nation's newest Newsletter...>>
Peace RAHMs,As we set to close 2007, we'd like to offer our loyal fans a chance to take advantage special year-end savings. For a LIMITED TIME, all '07 RAHM Nation albums
(including Mega Ran)will be only $3.99.

2006 Releases (including The Call )are only $2.99.

As we look to clear some inventory and end the fiscal year on a strong note, this is a great opportunity to pick up a project you may have missed or make a gift of your favorite RAHM album. Click the links below to order. But do so soon. these projects will either be shelved or revert to their retail prices.
Thanks and look out for the 2008 albums!



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so......... if you haven't got "One of the top 10 Albums of 2006" yet, or "One of the most creative releases this year" , Then there's no better time than the present.



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