Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2 years later, still PUSHing.

today's 2 years to the day that I wrote PUSH... just found an old rhyme book, dated and all.

One of my more popular songs...hopefully you liked it... one of my favorite cuts.

for the next hour or so, it's free.


Background on Push:

Produced by Storyville

Saxophone by Frank Machos

I wrote this sitting in my '89 Blazer,with gloves on (because I had no heat) about to go to work at Toys R Us for the holiday season. The lyrics were flowing so well, I was 15 minutes late clocking in. Again, Storyville came through with a smash. This is probably my second favorite cut, and probably could've been the 2nd single. I heard it and wrote instantly. SV is such a perfectionist, he sent me 10000 remixes for the track when I told him I wanted to use it. But I'm stuck in my ways when it comes to music, and I wanted it as is. He even sent me a version with a verse in it, trying to weasel his way onto the album Smile nah, I'm just kidding, but I had to stick with the original. I had a funky idea for the 3rd verse, something that hadn't been done before: to use a saxophone solo AS the 3rd verse. I met Frank Machos on myspace, and he was down for the cause. Strangely enough, I had met him before at my Fundamentals release party, but didn't know it. There were a lot of strange coincidences that made this album come together, that's what makes it so special. Samik (prod of "Raze The Bar") says this is the best beat on the album, it just might be.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

RAHM Radio Episode #2

Peace and blessings...

It's about that time again! Special thanks to all who
listened to our first show. The feedback and response
was great! If you didn't feel it, trust me, we
wouldn't come back to embarrass ourselves a second

This week's show features a special guest interview
with Kev Brown. Kev has produced for acts such as DJ
Jazzy Jeff, De La Soul, Raheem Devaughn, and various
other dope acts. Also we threw in some other joints
from Ghostface, Ohmega Watts, and Freeway Featuring 50
Cent. We even thew in a few old school classics that
will make you show your age!

Click here to check out the show!

If you missed the first show, check it out at this

Thank you for supporting the true Hip-Hop and have a
great week!

Our Mission:

The Reform and Healing Movement West Coast Radio Show
hosted by Random and DN³ - as the west coast
counterpart to RAHM Radio hosted by G, The Chancellor
at Virginia Tech University. RAHM Radio West (The
RandomBeagle Show) is produced entirely out of the
Phoenix, Arizona residence of Random and DN³. The show
is formatted to showcase current quality Hip-Hop music
by influential artists, classic joints, as well as
music by RAHM Nation affiliates. Current events,
movies, other entertainment, as well as community
uplifting issues will be discussed. The show will air
weekly with occasional special guest, varying themes,
and Hip-Hop junkies such as the RandomBeagle acting a
fool and having a great time spinning the hottest
Hip-Hop joints from all over the country. Be sure to
check out each show!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my students made a PSA (link)

I am a teacher.

have been for a few years now.

and I like my kids a lot.... maybe even love them.

when they're not giving me headaches, whining about assignments, making excuses or mistreating each other,

I love my students.

Well, heck, even when they are acting a fool,

I love my students.

So last week was Drug Free Week, and we had several activities involving the theme "I've Got Better Things to Do Than Drugs!"
we all wore these attractive buttons.

some did essays, some drew posters.

But two of my, expressive 8th grade students, Tyrone and Travis, decided to record a Public Service Announcement about all of the things they could do instead of drugs.

It's way too hilarious to transcribe here, you just gotta hear it.

so, here it is:

Travis and Tyrone's PSA.

It's times like these where I forget about all the stress, and remember why I became a teacher.

just shows what these guys can accomplish with a little motivation.

Big ups to Mr. Lernor for editing and putting this to some great, mood-fitting music.

I had a feeling this week was gonna be good, just look at this pizza box I had over the weekend:

see the smiley face?

oh, dont forget if you havent heard the radio show,
Click to Hear RAHM Radio West

next week's show will feature an exclusive interview with:

Kev Brown.

so be here...or there...well, just get it.

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