Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mega Man 9 + Random = Mega Ran 9? Maybe.

Okay, I have an announcement to make.

At first it was funny, even cute to know I was nominated for an award.

But now,

I can't lie, I want to win this Online Hip Hop Award-- and I need the
peoples' help.

I'm about 60 votes out with 5 days to go.

I get asked a lot everyday if I'm gonna make a new Mega Ran album.

So, I'll make a deal with you guys.


I promise to record a NEW Mega Ran EP (tentatively it'll be titled
"Mega Ran 9") using only the music from Mega Man 9.

I've been playing Mega Man 9 a lot.. and dying a lot.

but the ideas are already swimming in my head....

Best of all-- it'll be FREE to anyone in the Capcom Music group, the Yahoo! Mega Ran group or members
of my forum: cgi


So, all you have to do is vote for the next 4 days, right here:

And help Mega Ran get into office, and I'll show the love right back.

I haven't even announced this to the world yet, and not sure if I will.

BUT-- You're the first to know.

what are you gonna do with the knowledge? and the power?

let MC guns-hoes-and- drugs win the award?


you need Ran.

you're gonna make the right choice....right?

http://onlinehiphop index.php? page=nominee& nomination_ id=1761

There were some weird issues preventing me from getting the votes I
needed yesterday (dimpled chads or something), but they seem to be resolved.

60 votes, 4 days... lets do this.

remember-- I win, you win.. WE Win.

now tell someone!!

I'm Random and I approve this message.




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