Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Aki Con FTW.

first year con.

an hour away from the city.

crappy weather...

a recipe for disaster, right?


I had a BLAST at Aki-Con. great staff, friendly con-goers.. and I felt like a celebrity there.

but it started off a little worrisome...

I arrived in Seattle at the airport with no clue on my travel arrangements to the hotel...we just hadn't discussed it. I thought about renting a car until I saw a shuttle service that would get me to the Hotel for $30.

so I did it.
little did I know, the con chair's family was waiting for me at the exit, but with nothing to go on, we missed each other...

problem was fixed when I got back, because they were nice enough to reimburse me for the shuttle.
I get there and there's a full itinerary for me.. so for the weekend I:

judged a dance contest
judged a karaoke contest
judged a swimsuit contest (I volunteered for that one)

in addition to performing and stuff.

So on Saturday, I was determined to do some sightseeing... and did.

traveled to the Seattle Center, where the Space Needle and other things are. took a ride up the Needle and took some pics.

got back to Everett and rested up before the performance.

RIGHT before the performance, I got a hold of Mr. Marriott, aka DJ PM3, a dope DJ who stays in Seattle. He volunteered to come out and DJ my set, which went well. his friend got some great pics.

Overall, a great time... rainy, but it was a calming rain..plus coming from Phoenix, it's good to see some wet stuff sometime.

-a plush room to myself
-a full itinerary = no boredom
- Derek: my biggest fan that I never met.

great story: I was talking to Karl Olson, another tatented artist, and a guy came up and asked me 'excuse me, are you Random?' when I said yes, he went ballistic and said I was his hero, and that he plays my music all time for his friends. all I could do is blush. Not sure how superstars can get tired of that...

anyway, during the show, when I got to the grand finale, a little tune called "Grow Up" and I invited Derek onstage to sing along..and it was epic.

Great times. Looking forward to getting back to the North West soon... Sakuracon and PAX, are you listening!?!? :)

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