Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back West.

I had a GREAT time back east last week, and thanks to all of you who called, kept me company, or emailed me suggestions of stuff to do.

I'm a little jetlagged so I can't go into all of the high and lowlights of the trip, but here are a few:

I visited Yale University's campus (New Haven, CT) and I was blown away. a lot of history there...great food, nice people, and a lot of Hip-Hop fans....who are also broke college kids. Say what you want about the Ivy League, but they know how to get down.

I also met a lot of great folks, students, professors and teachers, who i hope to stay in contact with.

I took a trip to New York City and saw Raheem Devaughn at BB King's. Dude works hard...for the ladies. I could do without all the de-shirting, but I gotta admit, he's a great performer.

I came back last night and went right back to work.. dig it, got off the plane at 11:30 and performed at the Hidden House (great crowd BTW!) and sold a bunch of CDs and met more good peoples. Great to know that Hip-Hop lives, even out here in the desert.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need a nap.

Oh yeah, I haven't given out any free music in a while, so here goes,
Random- "Never Be The Same" Get it Here.
produced by DN3
foreword by Craig G (if you don't know, then you REALLY should do some research).

Get it Here.

enjoy it.

And if you've heard MEGA RAN , tell me your favorite cut so I can put it up on the player.

One last thing:

Are you going on a summer vacation? Did you go anywhere? I'm curious, so do share.


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