Sunday, July 22, 2007

Interview with Capcom

I usually don't blog this much, but what can I say, there are some good things happening these days.

1st- peep the Mega Ran Intro Vid:

Hot on the heels of my last interview comes a great new interview with Scarlett of Capcom USA. if you don't know who Capcom is, they're the great folks responsible for some of the most memorable games of all time...

Street Fighter (Ha-dou-ken!)

Resident Evil...remember the big ol' Playstation game boxes, sheesh!

and my favorite...

Mega Man.

well, here it is!!

Hey Everyone it's almost time for Comic Con! And that being said, I HAVE to tell you about one of the coolest things we're going to have at the Capcom booth: a celebration of Mega Man's 20th Anniversary with a live performance by rapper Random (aka: Random Beats) performing his latest creation, Mega Ran!

"So what's Mega Ran?" I hear you ask. And I answer: only the coolest Mega Man music you've ever heard! Seriously, no joke. He took classic Mega Man themes and turned them into kick-butt tracks, complete with lyrics following Mega Man's adventures or in the words of someone like Mega Man. Old school Blue Bomber fans are gonna hear these classic themes and flip.


I was able to interview Random (or as the kids that he teaches know him, Raheem Jarbo), so you'll get a chance to meet the man before you see the magic live at Comic Con.

Scarlett: Where are you from?

Random: I'm from Philadelphia, born and raised. cue the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" music Just under a year ago, I decided to uproot and move to Phoenix for a teaching position, so here I am.


S:What made you decide to do this album?

R:As a huge videogame fan, and being a "random" guy, I one day was reading a website about Mega Man, and realized that 2007 made the 20th year anniversary of Mega Man's release, and went online searching for some of the old theme songs to hear them. Somewhere along the way I got a crazy idea to sample a tune and do one song about Mega Man. Then I had such a hard time picking a song, so "Mega Ran" was born!

S:When did you first play Mega Man and which game was it? 5th grade?

R:I don't want to show my age, but I may have to (laughs). Yeah, I believe it was the 4th or 5th grade when I played Mega Man for the first time. I had a subscription to Nintendo Power magazine, and Mega Man 2 was a cover story one issue, and it made me so excited about the game, that I went back and begged my mom to buy the first Mega Man. That was the most challenging game that I remember playing in those days, and so I was hooked. I even made up and drew my own Mega Man bosses in my sketch books in those days.....

read the rest here....and you know the drill, come on back and comment

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