Thursday, July 26, 2007

The longest weekend of my life

first...the video.

This Friday, San Diego, CA.


House of Blues, San Diego:

The Megas, Random and Quarter Circle Jab


Also at the same time..

Bossfight and NerdyMag's "The Next Level" at the SD sports club...

YTC, Zealous1, Super Barrio Bros, Maja, IllGill and a bunch more..

and Random.

so while I'm at The HOB, my clone will be at the SDSC...or maybe the other way around.

nah, not really. I go on first (8:15) at the HOB, and I'll be at the Sports Club right afterwards...hopefully I can stick around to perform "Metalman" with The Megas, but I don't know...

one things for sure, should be a great night in San Diego.

Double dipping has never been this fun.
But the madness doesnt end there...cause then it's off to Comic-Con, for a 1-hour (!) set on Saturday.

Then an interview Saturday night, then off to LA.
in LA- Shows on Sunday, and Tuesday.

This will mark the single most times I've performed in a 4 day span in my life..I'm used to 1, maybe 2 shows in a week...but this is wild! but I welcome the challenge.'s the grind.

gotta love it.

Random presents
"Mega Ran."

Join the Club.

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